Rocky Horror Show - Picadilly Theatre 1991 - Complete Show.

ASH as Dr. Frank N. Furter in 1991.


Him & Us (Anthony Head) complete

Stumbled onto this last night. ASH is brilliant here, more so than he usually is. AND he does an awesome rendition of the 2 songs Elton John wrote for this pilot. Definitely worth watching several times at least.

What a gem! Pity it wasn't picked up by the networks. Wonder why...

Happy Birthday
Just dropping a greeting

Happy Birthday lostgirlslair!

Missing Chapter 12 link to Man of the World
Author: enigmatic_blue
Original Site of author:

Chapter 12 :

Reading from an author for the first time, pretty good
Reading Man of the World, a Wesley-centric story, about him trying to undo his biggest mistake. Still in the middle of the story. As it is very good, was tracking it into my memories and found that the author missed a chapter in his/her list. Trace it to his/her own site with lots of Spike/Buffy stories. Point of this post is to put a link for the missing chapter, which is


 Hi everyone,
I am basically a rather old adult who missed out on watching Angel and Buffy(did not watch post-Giles series yet) while the series was still running due to life issues, exams, exams, marriage, exams, pregnancy, baby, exams .... if you get my drift.
Having won the battle over my overly punitive superego recently and played catch up with Angel on DVD, I found myself enjoying it so much and wanting more. Hence started looking for fanfic, hence joining LJ to read more.
I have always liked Giles’ character when I watched Buffy when I was much younger, but have found myself absolutely fascinated by the character of Wesley. Hence started my current obsession/venture of sponking for Giles/Wesley fanfic.
I have not figured how LJ works yet, but figured that if I want to read accessed ones, I need to request and people would more likely accept friend request if I provide some info. Hope this is enough.


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